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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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apple is not giving a reason for job's leaving, but the obvious question is whether his health is to blame. jobs received cheers in san francisco in june. the following day he went before the city council to present plans for his new campus. his thin frame, clearly evident in both cases. and in a letter tracyed addressed to the directors, he said if i could no longer meet my expectations as ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately the day has come. he says that apple's most brightest, encouraging days are ahead of it. they look forward to the success in the new role. and kim cook is now the top executive. he already leads apple's worldwide sales as operating chief officer. he previously worked for compact and spent 12 years with
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ibm. he has a degree in industrial engineering from auburn university. and the coverage continues on you can read job's entire letter and you can find out more information about jobs and his replacement. and we are following a dangerous incident that is about to get under way to keep a burning propane tanker from burning in placer county. it has been burning in lincoln for more than 24 hours. i will show you a live weather here from news chopper 2. crews are going to try a hot tap where they would drain out the fuel inside the hot tanker car, putting it into a nearby pond. the process is taking longer than expected because they're waiting for the tanker to cool a bit more before they actually begin the procedure. fire crews say if the tanker explodes it could start a terrible fire ball and send burning debris into the
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neighborhood. thousands of homes are currently evacuated, nearby schools closed because of the danger, why the tanker caught fire, though, is still not known. a gun battle as two people tried to make off with cash outside a wells fargo. live in pinault as the gunfire broke out. >> reporter: well that is right, fitzgerald drive is now opened to the through traffic nine hours after two gun battles in this area shut it down. the gun battles sent bullets flying, injuring three people, killing one man accused of trying to rub a truck full of cash. the gun battle started here after two suspects tried to rob a loomis armored truck, parked in front of a wells fargo branch. >> i saw a guy with a red cap running to the restaurant. >> reporter: the call came in, alerting responders shots were fired. the police officer was down. >> we saw one of the police officers or two of them
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carrying back another officer. >> reporter: when the additional backup arrived, they found a loomis guard wounded, a suspect in the middle of the street. >> he was running across the street, i saw his body. >> reporter: the customers there at the shopping center watched, afraid. >> it took me -- shook me up a little bit. >> reporter: the pinault police say the man exchanged gunfire with the police officers, the second man ran away, he later showed up at a local hospital with a gunshot wound. now, both the security guard and that suspect were injured. the security guard is expected to be all right. no information is being given about the suspect who was shot and killed today, and we do know that that resource officer is going to live. that resource officer has been with the pinault police office for two years. reporting live, jay hernandez ktvu. and one day after the earthquake rattled the east
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coast, a cluster of quakes hit the bay area, we learned from experts today what the recent shaking means for the hayward fault. >> reporter: and julia, i talked to residents in san leandro. they and others felt the shaking, including the man who operated the crane 50 feet up. today it was quite the ride high above. >> yeah, i felt the noise. >> reporter: steve russell was swinging away here at the construction site in oakland, when suddenly? >> it shook like an up and down motion. >> reporter: the quake struck along the hayward fault in san leandro where the rattled residents felt the shaking. rattled because? >> it was shaking, shifting the floor, i was so scared. >> reporter: another quake was also centered in san leandro. >> this rolled from south to north a couple of times, gave it a good shake, at first i thought somebody hit the building. >> reporter: the 70 city of
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san leandro is a hot spot on the map all week. this man is a researcher with the usgs. >> this event was not related to the magnitude 5.8 in virginia and the magnitude 5.3 in colorado, more unusual, the 5.8 was a 100-year event. >> reporter: he says the area of san leandro has experienced a magnitude 3.0 or greater quake three times within the last week. he says the cluster of recent quakes has not increased the probability of a 6.7 quake or stronger occurring along the hayward fault in the coming decades. >> it is still 31%. >> reporter: and looking at it, no damage reported today. ktvu. and coming up at 6:15, ktvu health and science center john fowler has more information on
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the animal activity that may have signaled an earthquake was about to strike the east coast. and tonight we know the name of the poison person who died in the yosemite area, 23- year-old ryan lieter fell and his body was found yesterday. the spokesperson said the latest death on one of the park's most famous symbols appears to be an accident. >> he suffered a fall of about 2000 feet. it is simply impossible to survive when somebody goes off the face of half dome. >> park officials say they're talking to people and still don't know if lieter was alone at the time of the accident. so far 17 people have died there this year. usually the average is between 12 and 15 deaths per year. and people who own a fore runner truck, can get protection against thefts. they will install a certain type of hard wear on the
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converters. they will install a device. they will give it to recyclers, and police say thieves target toyotas because they are high quality and easy to get to. and new information involving an attempted home robbery near danville. the sheriff's office released this sketch today, looking like one of several men wanted in connection with the break-in. the men are described as black, between 19 and 27 years old with thin builds and bald heads. investigators say the men broke into a house on lucitano street last thursday morning. when the homeowner ran outside, one of the men pepper sprayed her in the face. then the men ran, empty handed. and the bart board of directors possibly going to allow a policy to turn off cell phone service on train platforms in certain situations. the board held a special public meeting today. bart sparked widespread debate when it shut off cell service to stop a planned protest earlier this month.
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dozens of people were at today's meeting, including protesters who shut down stations. >> you say you want dialogue, please actually listen and act. >> when you have crowded platforms that is a safety issue, it is an issue that needs to be addressed. >> the board members say cell phone service would only be turned off during what they call extreme safety threats. they expect to vote on a new policy within a month. we are getting a look now at new passengers screening software at sfo. new, we are joined with the new technology that the tsa says directly responds to passenger's privacy complaints. tom? >> reporter: tsa's body scanners are complained about by some, because of the images. >> they are trying to protect
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everybody. i think it takes it too far. i wouldn't feel comfortable knowing it was happening to me. >> reporter: but now using the same hardware, the software images would be generated differently. >> previous it was the same for any passenger, but it is different for passengers. >> reporter: it finds other images that other scanners can't. it can see it, pinpointing where the additional screening is required. >> this addresses the screening concerns, this makes it viewable to the passenger. >> reporter: the system requires fewer tsa personnel, provides quicker scans while since the tsa, enhances privacy. >> it is better, you don't need to go that far. >> i think it is a bit of a problem, you know to be able to -- go through like -- and look at people's body shapes, things like that. >> reporter: but it may be
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allege related. >> either way would be fine with me. my contour doesn't matter. >> i suspect it is an improvement. i didn't mind the other that much. it didn't seem a problem to me. >> reporter: but tsa says this software will work, the other half begins testing soon for rollout next year. ktvu. and california education officials said reporting a slight increase in high school students passing their exit exams. 94.6% of students in the class of 2011 passed the english and math portions of the test. as compared to 94.4% last year, and 93.4% in 2009. >> this is the first time ever that -- over 90% of students in all backgrounds have passed the exit exam. have passed it. so this is important.
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>> about 422,000 students took the test during their softmore, junior or senior years. the students must pass that test to earn their high school diploma. and in scotts valley they announced in june they would close due to a lack of funds, the university of san francisco now says they will reopen the small christian college and has retained the bethany name. all of that is linked with the presbyterian churches. and bay area executives, showing the list of the most powerful women in the world. google senior vice president number two, oracle president cats coming in, and kate jacob
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sen, number 56. the german chancellor topped the list with hillary clinton in the number two spot. and monkeys banding together for safety. the unusual behavior that some say was sort of an alert that an earthquake was going to strike the east coast. and more live pictures from lincoln up near sacramento. that tanker that is burning here, and the operations that we expect them to begin in the coming minutes, to try to resolve this situation. back here, we're going to look at the fog forecast. i'll show you which neighborhoods will see the most fog tonight
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. santa clara prosecutors say fibers from a rug provided the break they needed to solve a long-term mystery.
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the evidence proves nasmak killed the woman in 2001. the fiber evidence was thrown out in 2003 because a technician was not properly certified. but the tests were concluded, showing that nesme was the killer. he was killed eight months ago himself, shot by harm's brother, who then committed suicide. and talking about a cost- saving plan and inmates going to county jails. the new policy takes effect october one. the state budget calls for sending low level offenders to the counties. >> the key incident for us, they will be smart about the way they assess risk. so that we insure we do not put violent people on the streets. >> san francisco district attorney george gascon says that diversion programs can keep some people out of jail and graduates re-offend at a much lower rate than those who go the prison. and the venetia city
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council approving a plan to cut pay by a certain percentage. they would allow the change in the retirement plans. they would have to contribute to a pension fund. if approved by the union later tonight, the move will save the city about 300,000 a year. turns out the east coast earthquake cost money for the landmarks there. a large crack is now visible in the washington monument, which is closed while engineers try to figure out how to repair it. and areas of the national cathedral were badly damaged, although officials say that the building itself is still sound. and another area of the east coast earthquake spotted in all places, the zoo. john fowler is in the area, telling us more about the signs animals give off regarding a quake. >> reporter: the officials say
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animals didn't react to the recent bay area quake, but in washington, d.c. yesterday, some strange behavior. 10 seconds before the quake yesterday, the national zoo's guerillas were nervous, a mother grabbed her baby, others joined them. the birds flocked together. others howled. >> i think they have a stronger sense of what is happening. >> our dog feels the earthquake before we do. >> reporter: last year, this dog in yreka jumped up several seconds before the quake. others, birds, dogs, cats, sense the quake is coming. >> it is like a feeling. >> reporter: scientists say there is a pressure wave that can create a ground coupled sound wave. >> it is entirely possible that the animals can hear that noise. it is outside of our normal hearing range. >> reporter: less easily explained are reports of frogs
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like these in china, bugs, fish, running sometimes days in advance of quakes, coincidence? new >> some of them mean something, that is what i look for. >> reporter: one scientist published a scary prediction in advance of the recent quake. >> i know that animals can predict. >> reporter: the problem is reliable, it is interesting, but not useful. >> so we don't really have evidence that we can use to predict earthquakes. >> reporter: the oakland zoo animals may have not have reacted because they may be used to them. the health and science center, john fouler, ktvu. and more on the east coast quake, including video of the damage they're looking at today. you can just quick on the earthquakes tab. and in a rare move, tuesday the assembly members asked the board not to collect a fire fee. the $150 fee was passed as a part of this year's state budget of budget.
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it charges people living in rural areas a fee. it is a tax in disguise, some say and should require a two thirds vote to pass. the board says it has no choice but to collect the money. an effort is under way to repeal the fee. and there is a lot of fog moving in out there. most areas cooling a good five degrees today. maybe some in the inland areas, as much as 10. these are the highs today. tomorrow about the same if not cooler. especially inland, more fog pressing into the neighborhood tonight. we'll create cooler environment tomorrow. watch this right back here. >> right there, see the showers move through. as i said at 10:00 last night, the broadcast, a chance of thunderstorms in the north bay this morning. never happen but the impulse did move through in the mid- morning hours, depositing rain in yuba city. you can see it at the peninsula and san francisco, towards
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sausalito, and high pressure is weakening just enough so that the low pressure allows more fog. as we head into your friday, saturday, temperatures are really ramping up. so a warming trend for the bay area weekend. today was nice, just not as hot as yesterday. tomorrow would be nice, just not going to be as hot as yesterday. 89 degrees is the forecast high in fairfield tomorrow. 86 in napa, coming up on 90 still. more fog when you wake up. drizzle on the coast, this morning there was a dense fog advisory on the highway, also towards davenport, and north bodega bay, so be ready for that. brentwood, low 90s, a very pleasant day for your thursday, heading into friday, saturday, warmer, numbers on friday and saturday, warmer in the upper 90s, forecast in santa clara valley, good air quality, considering what time of year it is. along the coast, cool, cloudy,
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some breaks perhaps tomorrow. there were not a lot of breaks today. downtown san francisco, about 67 degrees. so as you look at your bay area, five-day forecast with your weekend view. you're going to see the temperatures on the bottom part, kind of just nudged down a little bit, then back up. slight changes, that is where we are here, more noticeable in the weekend, the fire danger going up accordingly as the temperatures reached the 90s inland. >> and just getting hot when the kids go back to school? >> i don't know. >> thank you bill. now let's go to gasia mikaelian, in our news room for a quick look at what we're looking at for bay area at 7:00. >> well, frank two developing stories we're looking at, first up, steve job's surprising announcement he is stepping down as the ceo of apple. and right now, near sacramento they're trying to get the fire under control. we're live on the scene and will be there at 7:00. and new at 7:00.
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a job fair with unusual focuses. finding work can be tough. but what if you once made cars at the bay area's last surviving auto plant, all coming up in 30 minutes. and can one of baseball's premier closers be heading to the giants? more next
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. this new baby from folsom is getting major league attention tonight. brooklyn bird is the winner of the comcast world championship baby contest. she arrived on august one, exactly nine months to the day and eight minutes after the giants won the world series. jennifer and robert bird in little brooklyn get a certificate from the giants, a gift card for 2000 and $10, as well as a brick in their name at at&t park. >> very cute. mark joins us now, giants making news today possibly? >> yes, you know they have to do something, they are supposedly a good team, but playing bad baseball. they have lost 17 out of the last 24, update they have gone out and gotten this guy, one of the premier closers in all of baseball, closer heath bell, he was with some of the giants at
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the all-star game. and the giants now have 48 hours to work out a deal with the padres. here is what bell said today when we caught up with him at at&t park. >> i feel like i'm going to arizona with the padres, going to do the football on the off day. hang out, go see a couple of movies. and -- sweat my butt off when i go run in arizona for friday's game. i am around the world champs, honored that they want me to be part of their organization. i don't know, i mean i'll still here. so there is really nothing to report. >> might be a bit after long shot. meanwhile, the a's giving the yankees all they want back in new york city tonight. you want to see a big league event right here, weeks, deep right centerfield. this is why the yankees are the yankees, look at curtis granderson, chucking that ball down. moving to kinoau, to nunez, perfect all the way around.
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weeks is out. nick swisher, former a's, second in a row, that broke a 1- 1 tie. cc working it. >> all right thank you mark. >> our coverage continues on line, right now on facebook, ktvu viewers tell us what they think about steve jobs suddenly stepping down as the ceo from apple today. you can join the conversation, visit our facebook page, tell us what you think
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